AeroDelft is proud to announce that it is expanding its partnership with Cryoworld BV as of October 2022. As storage is one of the biggest bottlenecks in our project, working with a world leader in cryogenic technology and storage is imperative given that such technology is not yet available off the shelf for aerospace use. That’s why AeroDelft is happy to announce that we are expanding our partnership with Cryoworld BV to tackle the challenges of liquid hydrogen storage.

Using liquid hydrogen poses several benefits over gaseous hydrogen. Liquid hydrogen can store more energy per unit volume than gaseous hydrogen while being stored at a significantly lower pressure. Both of these factors have the potential to allow for great weight savings, which is crucial for aircraft applications. However, storing liquid hydrogen comes with a challenge: it has to be kept below -253°C to remain in a liquid state.

Cryoworld is working with us to design and manufacture an innovative liquid hydrogen tank for our Project Phoenix Prototype, and later our Full Scale aircraft. This is a crucial step in AeroDelft’s journey, as it will give us the knowledge and expertise needed to scale up our design in a safe and tested manner for our manned Full Scale flight.

AeroDelft is grateful to have had Cryoworld as a vital Gold partner over the years, and we look forward to expanding this partnership and accelerating the journey to cleaner skies!