Our future flies in clean skies

Clean Our Skies

The first aircraft took to the skies just over 100 years ago. Now, over 23,000 aircraft carry more than 4 billion passengers around the world every year. But bringing the world closer together has come at a cost.

AeroDelft is a student team with one mission: prove that emission-free aviation is possible by developing the world’s first manned liquid hydrogen-powered aircraft.

Our Vision

Sustainable aviation is the only way. We see liquid hydrogen as the key towards a future with sustainable aviation.

Our Mission

To prove and promote liquid hydrogen as an alternative to conventional aviation fuel, to inspire the aviation industry to make the change on a scale that will result in worldwide sustainable aviation.

Although our aircraft is small, our ambition is not

We understand that not flying is not an option. We must make aviation sustainable, and increasing an aircraft’s efficiency is simply not good enough anymore. It is time for something far more radical: changing the fuel. 

We believe our efforts with hydrogen will kick-start the development of larger, commercial aircraft.

Project Phoenix

We are executing our mission by designing and manufacturing a 1:3 scale prototype and a full scale aircraft both powered by hydrogen. With this project we aim to build the first manned aircraft to fly on liquid hydrogen where we aim to remove CO2 emissions altogether by using this very potent fuel source. 

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