The wind beneath our wings

Since we are working at the forefront of sustainable technology, we are working with fuel, systems and parts that are not yet commonplace. We are indebted to and proud of our existing sponsors. Only through their motivation and generosity are we able to do what we do: inspiring a new generation of engineers by designing, building and flying the world’s first liquid hydrogen-powered aircraft.

Should you be interested in supporting the project, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to discuss any opportunities and find common goals!

Platinum partners

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Why become a partner of us?

A partnership with AeroDelft is not just a link on a website or a logo on a t-shirt. AeroDelft and its partners are committed to improving the world we live in, understanding the consequences of climate change and taking responsibility to lead the way. Our partners work with our team, but connect at our events and work together to find sustainable solutions.

As a voluntarily run multidisciplinary and international student team we are very driven to work towards a more sustainable future in the aviation industry.

As we work on a sustainable alternative to flying on kerosene, sustainability is one of core values, so we can assure a healthy and liveable planet for generations coming after us.

By developing the first liquid hydrogen driven aircraft, we have developed new technologies within the field and handcrafted our prototype (1:3) aircraft from start to finish.

Creative & out of the box
Working on an innovative technology demands creativity from everyone in the team. Whether it comes to manufacturing the insides of both aircrafts to working in operations on the different aspects of partnerships and marketing, all we use is creativity and combination of our multidisciplinary backgrounds.

We maintain close contact with partners to keep them in the loop of our project. By sending our partners updates on a regular basis and making sure they experience our progress from close by. We work together with a broad scale of partners from different industries and find ourselves in the midst of a pool full with varying networks, given that everyone in the team has a different background.