Update: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have experienced a delay in Project Phoenix. Under strict safety measures, the team is now working full speed ahead aiming for the PhoenixPT to take to the skies as soon as possible. We are trying to make sure all the events planned will be able to be continued under strict corona measures. 

The AeroDelft Newsroom

Our goal is to prove and promote the use of sustainable technologies such as hydrogen in aviation. Designing, building and flying Phoenix covers the “prove” part, and together with our partners, we aim to promote the use of sustainable alternative fuels by bringing hydrogen closer to the general public.

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A fresh start with a new team

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As the summer break has ended a brand new team will start to work on the full-scale Phoenix aircraft. Simultaneously, the old team has partly returned and recruited some new teammates to finish the 1:3 prototype in the coming year. We kicked this year off with an interesting and fun introduction week, and have successfully started working. All of this and more will be discussed in detail in the newsletter. Finally, our team manager Jan-Willem will discuss his experiences from the first month of managing AeroDelft.

My name is Jesse van Leeuwen and I will be writing this newsletters throughout the coming year. I aim to form a bridge between all of the team’s processes and the outside world as exposure manager. As a student in global sustainability sciences with a focus on energy, making aviation sustainable is something that I would love to be a part of! I want to convey AeroDelft’s message to the outside world as one of cooperation and sustainability.


As part of our mission to promote our work, we are always open for questions, interviews and other media requests. For press enquiries and a press kit, please send an e-mail to exposure@aerodelft.nl