Tell us about your department!

The graphics department consists of 3 amazing people. Alejandro Lazaro, Eeke Cramwinckel and Daniëlle Goense. Graphics is in charge of making all the visuals, posters, presentations and some social media posts. So almost everything the outside world sees is made by the graphics department. Danielle works in the application of AeroDelft’s brand style both internal and externally to create a coherent image of what AeroDelft represents. With templates for multiple informational outlets, the coherent image of AeroDelft will be established. Eeke is the person from graphics in charge of the website, working hand in hand with exposure people to define the strategy. This is how the exposure to the outside world will be aligned with the brand style and image of AeroDelft.Alejandro works in contact with Graphics and FS engineering, researching on the one hand how the human-machine interface of the Sling 4 aircraft can be adapted to the requirements and new risks that Hydrogen brings to play and on the other hand making animations and renders for graphics.


What do you like most about your department?

The amazing thing about graphics is that everyone gets to see your work.


What have been the biggest obstacles that your department has faced so far?

The biggest obstacle would be that we have to do everything online now. Graphics is something that is nice to do with others. So it was sad that we can’t do that anymore. But till now everything goes well by having online meetings. Sometimes it is hard to have a discussion about a particular design but with some patience, we get through it.


What are you as a department most looking forward to?

What we look forward to most is seeing each other in real life. This year we got some new people in graphics and we have not yet seen each other in real life. The graphic department triggered as a key milestone the summer event, due to the fact that AeroDelft’s first flight on Liquid Hydrogen will be needed to be shown to our followers and some features of FS project will be needed to reveal by means of renders and animations. We expect that event with the help of the graphics department will attract the attention of new people interested in sustainable aviation and reaffirm those currently interested.


Regarding your department, what are you most proud of?

We as graphics are most proud of our efforts to make AeroDelft’s brand image consistent and coherent both for internal purposes and exposure. One of the main challenges that we tackled was the bottleneck we experienced during the model reveal presentation. We generated a lot of graphic material (rendering, animations, visuals) to make the event the most communicative as possible and help the online audience to remember our work and associate future publications, posts and events with AeroDelft.