Interviewees: Taha Kucukcelebi & Yucheng Liao

Edited by: Jesse van Leeuwen


Full Scale Electronics & Control is responsible for the brain and nervous system of the Phoenix 2-seater aircraft. Starting last September, Taha and Yucheng are both students in electrical engineering and together form this department. They have put in many hours of hard work to make sure that all Phoenix’s electrical systems develop in harmony with the plane’s structural components and its propulsion system. Their expertise is, though at times beyond the level of understanding of many of us, essential for the project and they will explain what it’s like.


Tell us about your department!


Our department is responsible for the development of electrical and control requirements, electrical and control system planning, circuit design, control design, human-machine interaction design, and communication design for the Phoenix Full Scale project. It is through these above works that the various discrete components can work together to enable the aircraft to fly into the sky.


What do you like most about your department?


Usually, the content we learn in school is theoretical. Although we are able to pass many courses and apply the knowledge of a single subject, we are unable to integrate this knowledge. Working in the electronics and control department gives us the opportunity to design a complete system and gain a deep understanding of the connections between the courses we took.


What have been the biggest obstacles that your department has faced so far? 


The wide range of topics covered by electronics and control leads to the fact that we are often faced with a number of things that we have not learned, especially as there are not many engineers in our department. For example, a control engineer may be better at control algorithms but will be lacking for embedded systems or communication protocols knowledge. To overcome these obstacles, we are learning a lot of new knowledge according to the project needs. When assigning tasks, we also take into account the professional background so that we can do what we are good at.


What are you as a department most looking forward to?


The short-term expectation of our department is of course to confirm all technical details of suppliers and components as soon as possible, and then to simulate and test them. We hope to be able to complete the testing and integration of some important components before the summer.


Regarding your department, what are you most proud of?


We are proud of the fact that despite the small department and the challenges we face beyond our professional background, we have accomplished many tasks and made good progress. Also, we have strong relationships with our partners and always work together efficiently!


Despite being a small department, Taha and Yucheng provide essential for AeroDelft. Nevertheless, we are still looking for people to join their forces. Therefore, we recommend you to check out the join us page if you are interested. Feel free to share!