Interviewees: Ole, Niels & Hidde 

Edited by: Lieke Verhoeff 


The Certification department is responsible for the airworthiness of the aircraft such that it is permitted to fly. In order to accomplish this, they are tasked with setting up a collection of requirements for the final design, and they are in close contact with the other engineering departments to ensure that these requirements are met. Additionally, they arrange testing of components to show compliance with these requirements when needed. 


Tell us about your department! 


The certification department is responsible for the airworthiness of our full scale aircraft, a Sling 4 kit, such that it is permitted to fly. To accomplish this we, Ole, Niels and Hidde, are setting up requirements for the aircraft as well as making sure we comply with the regulations from the authorities. Next to that, we are also responsible for arranging testing of components to show that we indeed comply with the requirements and regulations. So that we can fly safely with our aircraft in the future! 


What do you like most about your department? 


One of the great things about the certification department is that we learn things that are usually not addressed during aerospace engineering or any other bachelor program. The certification of an aircraft is a very interesting process about which we learn more about it every day, and that is a great experience for us!


What have been the biggest obstacles that your department has faced so far? 


The biggest obstacles that we as the certification department have faced so far is undoubtedly setting up the accepted means of compliance for the Phoenix full scale aircraft. Since there are no current certification rules regarding hydrogen aviation, we need to comply to the government regulations in alternative ways. Luckily we can always discuss and work together with other departments and get feedback from our partners at ADSE.


What are you as a department most looking forward to? 

We are mostly looking forward to the moment in which the complete certification document, which includes chapters like: The accepted means of compliance, list of changes and modifications and the failure mode analysis, is sent off to the authorities meaning that our aircraft is fully airworthy! 


Regarding your department, what are you most proud of? 


What we are most proud of as a department, is that we are well on track to guide this project toward a design which is safe and complies with the requirements. We already put together a complete requirement database as a reference for the other departments, and will work hard to get the certification process going soon!


That’s it for certification! In two weeks it will be the turn for partnerships to explain what they do! Until then make sure to check out our join us page to see our open positions and if you’re interested send an email to