Tell us about your department!

Full-Scale Structures is responsible for making sure that all components can be mounted properly in the Sling, as well as making sure the aircraft is safe to fly for the pilot and the airframe. More specifically, the design of a custom floor for the Sling, a ventilation system, firewall and electric motor mount is what we are dealing with. The department consists of Arturo, Silvia, Vincent, Jacob, Alexandra and Maarten.

What do you like most about your department?

The way we communicate and work together with each other is what we like the most. Also, the communication with other departments within the team and companies that maybe provide help is a strong point of our department. We also like the diversity of things we work on. Are mentioned before, we are dealing with quite some different topics, which is a lot of fun and we manage this well!

What are the biggest challenges you face as a department?

One big obstacle Silvia faced during the design of the firewall, was that calculations on unknown materials like carbon foam, which the core of the firewall consists of, turned out to be really abstract and hard to model. Vincent managed to help her with that and together they made it work. This shows the importance of collaboration and strong communication within our department.
Another difficult part was that with the design of the ventilation system, we had to start from scratch and do something that has not been done a lot before. We tried to obtain expertise from companies and together with a lot of research, we managed to get things going.

What are you as a department most looking forward to?

 As a department, we are looking most forward to the testing of the firewall. We have been working on this already since September, so to be able to actually see the first firewall test coupons being tested, is going to be a major achievement.

What are we most proud of?

We are most proud of the way we managed to get from the first firewall requirements and meetings with material suppliers, to actually test the first real coupons. Also, the way we manage the different topics we are responsible for as a department is something we are definitely proud of.