Interviewees: Lieke Verhoeff & Jesse van Leeuwen

Edited by: Jesse van Leeuwen


It’s the department that takes care of the medium through which you got to this blog, the department that maintains the website you’re on, and the department that wrote the sentence that you are reading right now! Exposure is a small department, consisting of Lieke and Jesse, which focus fully on exposure and Roxana, who manages exposure along with the other operations departments. Though we are not faced with complicated calculations on a daily basis, the challenges that we face are often very complex and require the integration of many different people.


Tell us about your department! 


We work on all things regarding the representation of AeroDelft to the outside world. Through various media we make sure that AeroDelft stays relevant in a societal context. Work ranges from setting up social media posts, press contact, writing content such as blogs and newsletters, updating the website and creating a framework for the  external and internal communication for the whole team. During the past few months we have been working fully from home. We meet up weekly to discuss our goals and make sure that we are always on the same page and our work is up-to-date. For these same purposes, we are constantly in contact with each other throughout the week.


What do you like most about your department?


Because of all the different things the two of us have to do, no day is the same! Working with social media is something that Lieke really enjoys. Jesse is most excited about combining AeroDelft with educational activities, as well as writing for the press and our own news outlets.


What have been the biggest obstacles that your department has faced so far? 


One of the biggest obstacles would have to be not being able to work together face to face. Especially when we’re working on new projects or big events together it really does not help that we cannot brainstorm or think out loud together, hindering the creative process.


What are you as a department most looking forward to?


Press-related work is one of the most satisfying things to do, because you can actually point at articles that you were partially responsible for and see your project presented to a large number of people. Once we have done our design reveal we will be contacted more by the press. We are really looking forward to the media attention we will get from that. The hard work that goes along with it will be a difficult but informative challenge, which we can’t wait to take on!


Regarding your department, what are you most proud of?


We have written a communication plan, which was finished just now. This plan will serve as a guide for the team’s communication to the outside world. It is a synthesis of all the discussions that we had on how we want to position ourselves at AeroDelft, whilst having a growing support base. The constant increase in follower count on our social media channels is also something that we are proud of, as it is really showing the benefits from the time that we put in it.


That’s it for exposure. The next time you hear from us will probably be today or tomorrow, as we always remain active on our social media channels. Are you interested in what you just read? Cool, because exposure is currently recruiting! We are looking for a student that is able to put in a lot of work, during the rest of this academic year, starting this month or the next. The role can also be fulfilled as an internship. Make sure to contact if you have any questions about this.