In October 2022, Europe’s largest aircraft maufacturer, Airbus officially partnered with AeroDelft. Working side by side with Airbus is a vital step in our mission of proving and promoting hydrogen as an alternative to conventional fuels in aviation. A few weeks ago we welcomed Rob W. PostmaGuido Schwartz, and Amal Tourabi to our workshop where we had a brief kick-off meeting, followed by a workshop tour and signing ceremony.

“We are determined to make climate neutral aviation a reality and believe hydrogen is a very promising way to do so. We are thrilled to see that AeroDelft and a whole new generation of aerospace students share the same ambition. What AeroDelft has achieved so far is quite impressive and we need to join forces with everyone out there willing to put their brain and energy into the biggest challenge our aviation industry is facing – but also the most exciting one: zero-emission flight,” said Rob Postma, CEO of Airbus Netherlands.

Airbus has long been a key leader in the hydrogen aviation movement with its established ZEROe program. Joining forces with AeroDelft ensures key knowledge sharing between industry and students. In the coming months we plan to begin collaboration in key aspects of various subsystems, accelerating the aviation industry’s overall transition to a zero emission future.

Below are some articles written about our partnership with Airbus.