Available Positions at AeroDelft

Exposure Manager (possible internship) Full-time 

AeroDelft is looking for a full time Exposure manager from February – August 2021. As an Exposure manager you will be responsible for the upkeeping of AeroDelft website, social media, newsletters, press contacts and communications. The role has you talking to many different team members, journalists and partner companies in order to create a coherent public image for AeroDelft. Required skills are fluency in English (and preferably Dutch) writing and speaking. Social and communications skills are also a must. Experience in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are a plus. The position is open to students looking for an internship! Apply now by sending your CV and motivation letter (max 300 words) to recruitment@aerodelft.nl!

Propulsion Engineers Full-time or Part-time

AeroDelft is looking for Propulsion engineers from February 2021 – August 2021. As a Propulsion engineer you will be turning a finished conceptual design of a gaseous and liquid hydrogen electric propulsion system into a working real-life system. This position has you focusing on creating a safely operable system that works on liquid and gaseous hydrogen for aviation. Since hydrogen propulsion is a relatively new field to aviation, the technologies you will be developing are cutting edge. The position offers the perfect kick start to an engineering career in cryogenics and propulsion engineering. Required skills are experience in CATIA, Python, fluid, and thermal dynamics. The position is perfect for students at the end of their aerospace/aeronautical, applied physics or mechanical engineering bachelor/master studies. Candidates applying for a full-time role are preferred. Apply now by sending your CV and motivation letter (max 300 words)  to recruitment@aerodelft.nl!

Structural engineers Full-time or Part-time

As a Structural engineer, you will be working in a team of 3-4 engineers on the new structural elements of Phoenix FS. Since the aircraft is prebuilt but needs to be modified, new elements such as tank brackets, motor mounts and vibration dampeners must be designed. The role is very diverse in the sense that each structure has a different purpose and relates to different systems in the aircraft. Therefore, you will be in contact with almost all the engineers working on all the systems in the aircraft. Skills in mechanical modelling are required and CAD modelling experience is wanted (CATIA, SolidWorks). Apply now by sending an e-mail to recruitment@aerodelft.nl !

Fire wall structures engineer Full-time or Part-time

As a Fire wall structures engineer you will be working with the rest of the team on the Phoenix FS (full scale) aircraft in developing structures in the fuselage of the aircraft that prevent hydrogen flames from penetrating the cabin. The role will have you working as a materials researcher and tester where you will be performing burn tests on samples of materials at test locations. Knowledge of materials and skills in researching and testing are wanted but not mandatory. Apply now if you are interested by sending an e-mail to recruitment@aerodelft.nl!

Electronics & Control engineer

AeroDelft is looking for an electronics and control engineer. You will be working together with the rest of the Electronics & Control department on setting up all the electronic systems within Phoenix PT, our prototype drone. This includes a wide range of tasks related to software and hardware for the battery-only, gaseous hydrogen and liquid hydrogen flights. Skills such as programming (in C++ and Python), soldering, hardware wiring and sensor control are wanted but not mandatory. Apply now by sending an e-mail to recruitment@aerodelft.nl!