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The team...

AeroDelft is the youngest Dream Team at Delft University of Technology. The 26 team members have a very mixed background, studying at 4 different universities and covering over 10% of all nationalities worldwide. Add on the various team outings and events and you get a relaxed but very effective team atmosphere.

...the tech...

Project Phoenix stands at the forefront of innovation in the aerospace industry. Never before has an aircraft flown using liquid hydrogen fuel cells, nor with a complete suction system. This has allowed us to come in contact with industry leaders, and we are working together with them to develop systems also in commercial aircraft!

...and you.

Whether you dream of becoming a part-time aerodynamicist, a full-time manager or are looking for a thesis, there are opportunities for you here. At AeroDelft, you will gain invaluable experiences to help your future career, networking opportunities with professionals worldwide, and make your time as a student even more enjoyable!

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Interested in joining AeroDelft? We are recruiting new members for our next challenge: designing and building a full-scale hydrogen-powered aircraft! We have open full-time and part-time positions in management, sponsorship, PR and engineering. You can download the full list of positions here.

Looking for a thesis, internship or want to know more about the recruitment procedure? Then please don’t hesitate to contact our recruitment team.

Make sure to join us at the D:Dream Interest Drinks on February 18th from 19:30, or at one of our own Interest Drinks on February 20th, March 12th, or April 2nd at the D:Dream Hall. Click on any of the links to go to the Facebook events page, and keep an eye on our social media for announcements.

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Already made up your mind? Awesome! Please click the button below to apply through a Google Form. If you do not wish to use the upload feature or have any other questions, please contact the recruitment team. The deadline for full-time applications is March 17th; part-timers are welcome to apply after this date. We look forward to having you on board!

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