Who we are.

A student team designing and building aircraft, this was the concept conceived by two TU Delft students, who partnered up to create an incubator for aeronautical student projects. AeroDelft was founded in October of 2017 and quickly partnered with Project Talaria, a personal flying device designed to compete in Boeing’s GoFly Competition. In April of 2018, AeroDelft registered as a non-profit, or Stichting. After almost a year with AeroDelft, Talaria split from the team to become its own start-up.

In September of 2018, AeroDelft started work on Project Phoenix, the team’s flagship project, aiming to design, build and fly the world’s first liquid hydrogen-powered fuel cell aircraft. The design of an unmanned prototype was unveiled in April 2019 and will fly publicly for the first time in early July 2020. The full-scale aircraft is set to take off from Rotterdam The Hague Airport in 2021.

Today, AeroDelft consists of 35 students from 23 different countries, studying at the TU Delft, InHolland and the University of Utrecht.