Countdown to first flight!

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Countdown to first flight!

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Welcome to AeroDelft.

Site currently under construction.

We are a TU Delft Dream Team, member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions and corresponding member of the Idaflieg. Our goal is to lead the way in sustainable technologies in the aviation industry by designing and building the world’s first liquid hydrogen-powered aircraft.

The Dream

We have a problem.

All over the world, average temperatures are increasing, sea levels are rising and pollution is worsening.

In the last 120 years, aviation has progressed from small aircraft capable of transporting one person a few hundred metres to an industry carrying 2.4 billion passengers annually around the world. But this has come at a cost, with the industry now being responsible for over 2% of global CO2 emissions. And this is set to double within the next few years.

It’s time for some necessary realism. We know that if we do nothing, we will be irreparably damaging our environment. But it is not something we can do alone. With Project Phoenix, we aim to show that sustainable aviation is not a future dream, but already a reality! Most importantly, our aim is to show that we must step up and face climate issues together.


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